Thursday, 15 July 2010

Real life: Week 2, 3 and maybe 4 (aka most boring post in existence)

So as per usual, my plan to post exciting fun filled weekly updates on my life as a graduate has failed. No surprise there. I'm not sure what week of real life I'm in now, possibly 4? Either way there isn't a lot to report. Job situation still isn't great, any I've applied for (which granted, is only 2) I'm yet to hear a response from, which I'm told is a common thing in the current climate.

As of right now I'm still signing on every fortnight at the job centre, still browsing job sites daily and filling my time with watching Jeremy Kyle repeats and attempting to play piano and teach myself French. All in all it's nothing short of thoroughly depressing. I knew that it would be tough, but I never accounted for how disheartening it is being stuck without the hope of any employment in the near future.

This isn't so much for financial reasons; I still have some student loan left and JSA is enough to get by. But it's more the fact for many years throughout college and University you've been seen by your family, peers and those around you as a, well, success. Always achieving good grades, passing from levels of education with apparent ease. Then suddenly BAM, all that's behind you, you've no idea what you want, or where you want to go and there doesn't seem to be any beacon of hope in finding that elusive life plan anytime soon.

But, as everyone keeps telling me, I've got to try and stay positive. I'm not long into my job hunt and am in a much better position, both education, experience and financial wise than many others, which I know I don't appreciate half as much as I should.

And anyway, how knows what next week could bring?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Philip Kingsley end to my penchant for expensive haircare?

Hands up if you're a hair care snob? *Waves hands in the air frantically*. So imagine my delight in finding another high end product, the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 'intensive super-moisturizing treatment' hair mask, to spend my wonga on. According to the blurb it:

"Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine"

Now I have no idea what 'elasticity' is, but heck, I want it. I want Chery Cole-esque full, shiny wavy locks. I want my hair to be so full of life and lustre people stop me in the street to worship and adore my beautiful mane. I want it so much I'll risk spending £25 (yes, £25 smackers) on 150ml of product. Oh and at that price you also get a sexy shower cap included. And who said I didn't have an eye for a bargain?

Now for £25 I was expecting miracles, and what did I get? Well, nice soft hair and a nice shower cap, but not a lot else. Oh no, there was one other thing; a burning hole in my pocket. Now don't get me wrong, I won't swap my kerastase shampoo and conditioner for pantene any time some, but when it comes to hair masks and the like, I think my penchant for expense needs to be reigned in.

In my, albeit humble, opinion, hair masks are one of those slightly gimmicky things; they might look nice in your bathroom, and no doubt this stuff does, but in reality, unless you're made of dosh a boots own £5 pot of the stuff ain't gonna do much less than anything Philip Kingsley can slap a massive price tag on.

But of course of you still fancy slathering your fine locks in this but without the massive price tag, it's avaliable in sample sizes for £3.50 in Harvey Nichols, which as a pampering treat is worth the small expense, but this certainly isn't a 'holy grail' product that'll magic your hair woes away. Although considering the price tag that might surprise you...