Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hair inspiration.

Here it is, the hair I want. Not just the hair; the dress, the body, the make up - the lot! No but seriously I love Nicola's hair, thick, layered and healthy. I got fed up of my short hair a while ago and have been trying to grow it out, which hasn't been going so well.

It's now stuck at an awkward stage whereby the style has grown out into a mish-mash and the over dying has dried my hair out, which means I have to try and use as little heat as possible. All this equates to a total nightmare of dry, unmanageable hair.

I'm not doing a face shot because I have no make up on and no-one wants to see my ugly mug without bucket loads of slap :-)

This was taken after my bath this eveningand a quick blow dry. As you can see the ends are very split and I as I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair I can't style it very well with my dryer. And no leaving it to dry naturally does not work - it turns wild.

So the plan of action to sort out this mess is as follows: hair masks, healthy eating and as little heat as possible! I have so far tried 2 hair masks on consecutive nights, the first being an egg and olive oil and the second being honey and olive oil. Tonight I use used the bog standard shampoo and conditioner (boots botanicals range) and I noticed that my hair didn't feel as soft as usual so I think I will stick to the daily masks until the condition improves. As for the lenght I think that is just something that is going to take patience. I am hoping by the end of summer I will have gained a couple of extra inches, enough to make a decent style possible anyway. I did try Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment a while ago, which I really liked but now can't find ANYWHERE. Gutted. Also I plan to keep a bottle of aussie leave in conditoner on hand to spritz during the day as I'm finding the air conditioning at work is really drying.

So what's your hair inspiration? And what are your hair secrets - send them all my way as am dying (that pun just doesn't work does it?) to know! Do you have any hair mask recipes, or brands you reccomend?

P.S Thank you to all my followers - I have now hit the 100 mark! Wow. Seriously, you guys rock :-)


Monday, 6 July 2009

MAC price increase.

I have been away from the blogsphere lately as you all know (and I promise to stop going on about it sometime.) And was shocked when I was on twitter and Oliviacosmetics mentioned a MAC price increase, could this be? Well apparently so.

So eye shadows are now £11 up from £9.79, lipstick £12 from £11.26, powder blush £16.00 from £14.68 to name a few. I don't have a full price list I am just going on my old orders compared to the new prices. I understand that the prices increase yearly, but considering the quality hasn't changed neither have the collections been wonderfully intriguing it seems slightly unjustified.

I have been out of love with MAC for a while. I haven't brought anything from them for a month and am not even tempted to go to a counter. I don't really know what point I'm trying to make here, I suppose I'm saying that MAC has gone a bit poo lately. With brands such as illasmaqua shining through as a brand with true individuality, and lower end brands such as BarryM and sleek providing excellent quality products at affordable prices I feel that MAC no longer suits my needs. There may be a couple of key products I may buy, the brushes and primers are HG for me, but overall I find them overpriced and frankly a little boring.

So what does everyone else think of this price rise, do you think it is justified or not? Are they going to change your spending habits?

Night night,


P.S my life has been taken over by a mouth watering website lately, check it out (SPOLIER: if you are dieting then don't click the link) http://tinyurl.com/bo2r9b