Monday, 6 July 2009

MAC price increase.

I have been away from the blogsphere lately as you all know (and I promise to stop going on about it sometime.) And was shocked when I was on twitter and Oliviacosmetics mentioned a MAC price increase, could this be? Well apparently so.

So eye shadows are now £11 up from £9.79, lipstick £12 from £11.26, powder blush £16.00 from £14.68 to name a few. I don't have a full price list I am just going on my old orders compared to the new prices. I understand that the prices increase yearly, but considering the quality hasn't changed neither have the collections been wonderfully intriguing it seems slightly unjustified.

I have been out of love with MAC for a while. I haven't brought anything from them for a month and am not even tempted to go to a counter. I don't really know what point I'm trying to make here, I suppose I'm saying that MAC has gone a bit poo lately. With brands such as illasmaqua shining through as a brand with true individuality, and lower end brands such as BarryM and sleek providing excellent quality products at affordable prices I feel that MAC no longer suits my needs. There may be a couple of key products I may buy, the brushes and primers are HG for me, but overall I find them overpriced and frankly a little boring.

So what does everyone else think of this price rise, do you think it is justified or not? Are they going to change your spending habits?

Night night,


P.S my life has been taken over by a mouth watering website lately, check it out (SPOLIER: if you are dieting then don't click the link)


jobetterdays said...

I was really surprised by the price increase, especially in the current climate! I was going to pick up Buckwheat eyeshadow when it comes out next week but I refuse to pay £11! I will probably pick up one MSF from Colour Craft but thats it! I agree they are not releasing anything that special anymore and really need to up their game! x

Steph said...

Im right there with you lady! Ive been away for a wee while to and was shoecked and a bit incredulous that the prices have gone up - it really does like like a pretty hefty increase given how poor everyone is right now - ive been a bit slow on the uptake but im gonna try and get my mac pro card sorted - i'll be needing a discount now!

Hele said...

i know what you mean.... i'm definitely not so into mac these days. the recent collections have all been a little dull, although i am excited about colour craft! x

Victoria said...

I hardly shop there anyway, and sometimes I wonder what all the fuss is about! The price increase seems very silly considering the products are the same.

That website is amazing! xx

Trey Jolley said...

yeah! iv'e been to manchester. In fact i wish u luck with youre makeup and profession. Where did u get such long green eyelashes?!

fashionably rogue said...

Didnt the vat have to do with the increase? As in jan 1 they started to charge 17.5% again. Although im pretty sure before the increase the eyeshadows were £10.50?

i dunno.

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