Wednesday, 27 May 2009

GOSH - a dazzleglass rival?

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been away for so long, I don't have another exam for 2 weeks so can get some blogging done - finally! I have so much to show you guys but I'm going to start with a product I found in superdrug today. This thing got me so exciting (which probably means I need to get out more) because as the title suggests, it could well be a rival to MAC's beautiful dazzleglass collection. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you GOSH 'Light'n Shine' lip glaze...

Top we have #5 and bottom #3 - how beautiful does #5 look! Swatch's are further down in the post

Pretty as this stuff looks, theres another reason why I got so excited about it, as you may have already guessed from the image below....

Yes it's a gimmick, but I love it! The LED lights coupled with a cute mirror on the side provides perfect application when the lights are low. Now some of you may be aware of the MEMEME range who also have a lipgloss with exactly the same feature. I'm not sure if there are any high end brands that have this gimmick - I think there are 1 or 2 in the US but I have not seen any in the UK, if I am wrong could someone please correct me!

Top to bottom: GOSH, MEMEME and finally MAC dazzleglass

The GOSH lipgloss has the same style brush as the dazzleglass, whereas the MEMEME product (in the middle) has a sponge tip applicator, which I find harder to use and also means you have to pump the stuff like mad to get a decent amount of product. Now I'm not going to compare the MEMEME lipgloss to the dazzleglass because the formula is completely different; it's far stickier with a lot less glitter, which of course some of you may prefer. MEMEME is available is most larger superdrugs so do go check them out, they have some great high end dupes!

Anyway, on with the swatches. On the top row we have Rags to richers dazzlelgass (left) and GOSH #5 on the right, and bottom row we have (left to right) MAC Sugarrimmed, GOSH #3 and MAC Baby Sparks

I am totally in love with GOSH #5 (top right), in fact heres a (slightly blurry) picture of it on the lips...

Nice, huh? The purple glitter really stands out.

So being the dedicated beauty addict I am, I did a road test of each product this evening while I was watching the footie at the pub, for the first half of the match I tried the GOSH lipgloss and the second half I tried the MAC (I'm not into football, I went along with my housemates. Luckily testing out lipglosses was far more exciting than the footie :-) )

So back on topic, how did each product compare? Well the MAC is more pigmented, and there is more glitter in the GOSH lipgloss but unless you put both products on the lip at the same time (which I did - all in the name of research) you won't notice any difference in effect. Both make lips look plumper and the glitter reflects beautifully.

However the light and mirror did really come in useful when applying. Yes you do get some odd looks when you are applying a lipgloss with LED's in the lid (especially in a pub full of drunken Mancunians) but it saved me having to root around in my bag for my mirror and a decent lit area.

So check out this GOSH product. I am pretty impressed with a lot of their items; the lip jams and extreme art eye liner are fantastic. Plus it's 3 for 2 in superdrug right now so head a long and grab yourself a bargain. And if anyone else has tried this product then let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Big Love


jobetterdays said...

Oh I might have to check these out! I had seen them but not looked that closely! I saw your comment on Panda's blog about the Duo Fiber brush from Gosh, I have it and I really like it for blush! I would definately give it a try while its on 3 for 2!

Cat said...

Oo cheers, sounds like I'm going to be back at superdrug. I feel like I live there sometimes :-)

jobetterdays said...

No problem, I think I might have to go and look at the Fan Brush!! Just found your blog, I really like it, check mine out if you get the chance!

Glamour Doll Eyes said...

i got some of these in a swap and they are amazing.. the light, was just the best part! LOL

Cris said...

I have 2 Liparazzi (same company that does Eyeko) glosses & they also have the built-in light :). I think they were the first brand to do this...I may be wrong though :-P.
I've got Velvet Rope (red) and Stalker (clear). I actually wanted Premiere (pink) but I couldn't find it :(.
Best part? 4,40 Euros each ^_^. Down from like 22, mega sale at Sephora, lol ;D.

Laura said...

These are amazing aren't they...I am hooked! I was out last night and EVERYONE was amazed at my "AMAZING" light up lip gloss! xxx