Monday, 8 March 2010

Oh gee, she's back. And she's come over all whimsical again.

Monthly blog posts are all the rage y'know.

So, let's have an update on last month.

Exam results came through, and I am yet to look at them. But as I have not been informed by the university that I failed any modules (and I looked it up, if I failed anything and needed retakes I would be sent a letter and email informing me so) and so I am going to happily presume I passed.

Dissertation still going disastrously. Discussion over.

I am down to three months til I finish. Well, four months til I graduate, but 3 til my last exam shall be done.

I'm still no clearer to having a life plan post-graduation. This is now starting to get a wee bit worrying. Most people seem to have some it law school, PGCE, internships, gap years....Then there's me. Me who muses, 'Oh I'm not worried, it'll be fine' whenever posed with that awkward question of 'And what do you plan to do with your life?' So today I plan on sitting down with pen, paper and mindmapping possible avenues I can go down. Then on Sunday having a nice old chat with the mother about my pipe dreams. Happy mother's day, please sort your daughter's life out, love you. Cat.

But of course it isn't all doom and gloom, I mean how can I be down about such things as being a broke, jobless graduate when my lecturers have started using lolcat slides?


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