Thursday, 29 April 2010

I can haz graduation now? Kthzbai.

I handed my dissertation in on Tuesday. Please refrain from any congratulations, it was possibly the single worst piece of writing my little brain has ever created.

Of course every time I give in a piece of work I think 'Yeah, I'll get back to blogging now'. However I usually get sidetracked. This time it's been by trying to update my poor excuse of a CV and deciding I would like to write a novel. Niether of which I see me ever completing.

But you never know, one day soon I may get sidetracked back into the blogsphere. I do hope so.



Lillian Funny Face said...

Well i shall not congratulate but i will say it might be a whole lot better than you think. I had the opposite problem, i thought what i'd written was pretty damn great... the examiners did not :(

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