Sunday, 20 June 2010

Social network me.

As I enter week 2 of real life I realise I have very little to do to fill my days. Jobs are pretty scarce so I don't have mass amounts of applications to fill out, and there's only so much world cup watching I can take. So please, if you have a twitter account, find me - swirledpeacat - and I will follow back. I feel that over the last few months I have lost touch slightly with the beauty community; not done my upmost to find and follow new blogs, or chat to more of you lovely ladies over the tweetverse.

Finally, and yes I am aware I have rather missed the bandwagon with this one, I have set up a formspring account here. Ask me anything you please; be it about University, graduating, make-up, or life in general.

Lord knows I need something to fill my days.



Cherry Pullinger said...

I know how you feel, I'm currently trying to look for jobs and theres so few! Good luck with your hunt.

Cherry Pullinger said...

I'm following you!