Saturday, 19 June 2010

That's Miss BA with honours to you....

So Miss clever clogs here (that would be me....yes, really!) went and finished that big old degree. 3 years, a very rushed dissertation and probably more diet coke than leaked oil from BP later and I'm all done and dusted. Do I feel relieved? Kinda. Excited about the future? I suppose. Looking forward to life post-uni? Erm, I guess....

The truth is I don't quite know how to feel. More than anything I feel, well, odd. It still feels like this is my summer holiday, and I don't think it'll hit home til at least come September time that my life in education (and thus the long holidays, few timetabled hours during the week, free prescriptions plus 10% off topshop) has really ended. Even as I sit writing this I can't comprehend such a thing.

But nonetheless I have thrown myself into some kind of pseudo real life world this week. I officially ended my exams on the 3rd of June, but had a week and a half off with the Mr, plus my student card didn't end til the 11th, so I counted Monday as my first day of real life. So I thought as an easy way back into blogging, I'd note my day by day my venture into the big wide, scary world. Not because I think you'll enjoy reading it, although I applaud you if you do, but rather so in case my mum comes snooping round my blog she'll see I have actually been productive, rather than spending my time messing about on my laptop and napping.*

*These activities may have taken up a small (ish) amount of my time. But I feel I ought to be excused for this, after all, I have 3 years worth of uni habits to shed.

Real life week 1.

Day 1.

Firstly had a 4 hour drive from Essex back home after staying at the Mr's. However, tempted as I was to spend the rest of the day napping I threw myself into action, kinda. I sat on my bed while I called virgin to sort out Internet problems back at my student house in Manchester, and then spent an equally long time on the phone to the jobcentre organising setting up job seekers allowance. I then mustered up the energy to painstakingly fix up my CV, trying to describe in as many positive adjectives what my work experience as a dinner lady will bring to any further career I choose to embark on.

Day 2.

Went to Manchester to move out of said student house. Spend most of the day cleaning out my room, and 3 bags of oxfam clothes and a wheelie bin and a half of rubbish later, went out to network with uni friends. I say network, but really I went to the pub to watch the footie, but I can't help but think networking sounds far more grown up.

Day 3.

Hangover. Hangover not helped by having to repack all the stuff I packed up yesterday, as managed to pack away all toiletries and make up. Not a great start. Also 'networked' with a couple more uni friends at a pizza place in town. Oh and brought a new mascara and eyeliner, essential purchases in order to create a sophisticated interview make up look. Obviously.

Day 4.

Back in Shropshire for a jobcentre meeting at 9:40am, which apparently is a real time, something I didn't quote comprehend after 3 years of not waking up much before 12. I had never been in a jobcentre before, fish out of water doesn't begin to describe it. However they were surprisingly helpful, setting up my job seekers allowance details, as well as finding me some actual jobs to apply for.

Day 5.

Starting applying for jobs, which is likely to be the most tedious waste of time known to man. Not made any easier by a very dodgy Internet connection that likes to pewter out *just* as you're about to hit the send button and thus deletes hours of form filling. Luckily I didn't dwell on this too much, as went out to the pub to be made comatose by a mix of alcohol and the worst game of football known to man.

....And so week one comes to an end. I wish I had some wistful philosophical or sociological comment to make after my venture into the real world, but really all I have to say is that waking up at 8am is a bloody pain. Otherwise, and aside from all my moaning, life isn't going too badly at all. It's made even better by the fact that I get to see the Mr in 4 days time. Happy days.

Expect another update next weekend. Until then, wish me luck in week 2 of real life.



loveaudrey said...

Congratulations on finishing uni! It's a very strange feeling isn't it? Hope week 2 goes well.


Cat said...

Why thank you m'dear :-) I hope it goes well too!


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

Big Congrats! Handing in my dissertation was the biggest feeling of relief ever. Especially that I got it in at 3:59 when the deadline was 4 lmao! x

Cat said...

@ Lu - mine was pretty close to the knuckle too, although I have to say it was rather a let down after I'd given it in; I was expecting fanfare, champagne fireworks! Instead it was just a bloke at a desk who didn't even know it was a dissertation hand in day *facepalm*


Kim said...

Hiya :) Just saw your post on Bicky's blog and thought I'd come check your blog out. I love your style of writing! And congratulations on your degree :D I got my degree results yesterday. It's weird now we have to go out into the big wide world! I hope week 2 of real life goes well for you :D xx

Cat said...

@ Kim - aww thankyou! It's always lovely to see such a nice comment, although I must say it does terrible things to my ego.

P.S might have followed back ;-p


Daisy said...

It is such a weird feeling leaving Uni. When I finished I took the summer off and did a temp job and then went on a 6 week holiday! It was odd coming back from holiday and realising that I had no plans whatsoever! Good luck with the job search! x

Cat said...

@ Daisy - Ah that sounds like a perfect summer! I don't plan on taking any time off, probably a mistake I know!


Lillian Funny Face said...

Congratulations on finishing! And wow, i am so impressed with your motivation to just get on with life so quickly. I graduated last summer and, though i have tried my best haven't really got much done in a year.

Lil said...

Congrats! x