Saturday, 26 December 2009

A small online sales guide.

Happy Christmas one and all! I don't know about you but I'm feeling fat, hungover and generaly shattered. What better time to go sales shopping, eh!

I adore sale shopping. However I also adore my bed. I live half an hour's drive away from any decent shops, and cannot be bothered with the early start, parking and being punched in the ribs repeatedly as I battle my way through topshop. So I stick to online shopping, yes it takes a little longer to get here this time of year, but who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?

So here's my little guide to the online sales so far...

The best:

Harvey nicks.

Fancy a little Marc jacobs reduced? I know I did...
The postage isn't all that cheap but they have some amazing bargains. You're credit card won't be the same again after visiting the handbag store...

River Island

I love how everything is ordered by price, I think their website is a dream to use and they seem to have plenty of items left in stock.

Kurt Geiger.

A lot of items have 50% off, and for the longevity and quality of KG shoes I don't think you can go wrong. I purchased these beauties:

RRP £160, reduced to £99 then a further 10% off when you get to the til. Fabbity fab. I have needed some knee length boots, and thought these were just lurvely. Of course it's always risky buying shoes offline fit wise, but free returns are offered.

And now the rest...


Not amazing. Quite a lot sold out and personally have not been fussed by much of their designs this season. However if you are a student you do get an extra 10% off if you have your NUS number handy. I got a nice little pair of lace up flats.


I love ASOS, but sometimes I feel overloaded when on their site. I was looking at tops in the sale, hit the view all button and then saw that there were 1000 tops in the sale! 1000! I do not have the patience to flick through that many. However they do offer free next day delivery on orders over £100, and let's face it,  it isn'texactly hard to spend that much

Oh, FYI, they do have some good illamasqua sale offers...I'm just saying!

Urban outfitters.

A few good deals, but I'm kinda getting bored with their designs. I don't think I'm hip enough for them anymore. Plus each model they use looks about 14 years old and can't weight more than about 7 stone. Taking a leaf out of American Apparel's book I see...

So what's your tips and tricks when it comes to sales shopping? Do you battle it out on the shop floor or do you stick to your sofa? And what bargains, if any have you found?

Hoe you all had a lovely Christmas


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Phoebe said...

Love your description of Urban Outfitters - I forgot to have a look at their sale.
I got some Henry Holland tights for a fiver and a free Lush goody bag when i spent £20 but otherwise i'm dissapointed with the sales this year :/