Sunday, 9 August 2009

Garnier - the final round.

I have been using the garnier pure active range for over a week now and so it's time for the final review - with the obligatory before and after photo's of course.

So let's start off with last weeks before photo...

As you can see there are one or two spots, I actually managed to take a rather flattering photo, my skin certainly didn't look quite as good in true light!

48 hours later...

Ewww greasy. Apart from that there is a noticeable difference in spot size - however that one on my top lip looks like it's going to burst.

Finally the finished product (and a different pose!)

Now this was taken this evening and I'm not wearing a scrap of make up to cover any nasties - this is my bare naked skin. Not bad eh? I'm seeing a spot reduction - although I am biased. What do you think, can you see a noticeable difference?

So lets get onto the final review.

Did my spots clear?

Well, clearly my spots have dramatically reduced in size and redness. After I posted the 48 hour piccy (where the red spot looks bloody massive) I washed my face and the head of that spot fell off - it had dried out and just flaked off my skin! After that my skin cleared up completely and I was spot free. However this didn't last long and towards the end of the week a couple of new spots did appear.

Any side effects?

Unfortunately yes - and I always thought this was going to be the case. This range is not designed with sensitive skin in mind and coupled with the high percentage of acid I was expecting it to dry out my skin - and no surprise, it did. Like most medicated spot treatments the head of the spot flakes away, which whilst does reduce the redness of the spot this dry skin is incredibly annoying and it feels rather as though this only tackles the outer layer of spots, rather than getting to the cause of them, which may be why I continued to get spots during the trial.


I have always maintained that I will repurchase the moisturizer and I am still planning on doing so, the same goes for the spot stick. The wash I am unsure about, I love how it doesn't make my skin tight and removes every scrap of makeup, but I fear my skin is too dry for this product - I think I may use it once in a while, but every day is too much for my dry sensitive skin!

Final thoughts.

The Garnier pure active range is perfect for those of you with young, oily spot prone skin. If you use medicated skin ranges then this is probably the best you can find on the market due to the 2% purifying salicylic acid which is going to kill off any nasty spots. However the question remains in my mind as to whether the 'acid attack' method is the best way to treat troublesome skin, however the results speak for themselves and I can't deny this stuff has cleared my skin - thereby proving this stuff does exactly what it says on the tin :-)

Phew, so that's the review over. I did have a play with my illamasqua products this weekend but didn't end up having the time to take some photos or so anything interesting with them - so I'm going to have to keep you all on tenderhooks as to when a look will be posted!

Much love


Cat said...

Oh dear - I have mucked up the font on the repurchase section- sorry about that!

Louise said...

Great review :D
Thank you for your comment on my blog, has made my night :)
The bad thing about being skint is that I haven't even bought that many things lately :( Lol.

Cat said...

@ Louise - Ah same! I don't even know when I last went into superdrug, I am worried their profits are going to plummet without me going in, lol.

Ah well, thats the recession for you!


Becky said...

great review :) xx

Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

thanks for the brill review!! xxx

hamst3rf1sh said...

Doesn't she look lovely :D

Glitterish Allsorts said...

A really great review, thank you.

Have you tried Cetaphil's facial wash? I find it doesn't dry out my sensitive skin but does keep my spots at bay.

bubblegarm said...

My husband LOVES the moisturiser, I really love the exfoliator and the wash :) I think that the range works better when it's broken up... definately try the lemon on your face every morning for 5 mins, it makes an AMAZING difference! xx

Anonymous said...

Nice review :)
Well, as of last night, I started using the 3-in-1 (Wash, Scrub and Mask) Garnier Pure product, and I can genuinely say that my skin feels really soft and refreshed (probably because I exfoliated the dead skin on my face). I use to use the Garnier Pure face wash and the ten-o-six oil free moisturiser, and they worked well for me. But then sily me decided to use some Clearasil products and I began breaking out more. And then I tried an Oxy face wash and the tinted Nivea Young moisturiser, and all it did was dry my skin. I think the Garnier skin care range is very good, considering its price (I mean I can't afford to be forking out a $100 for a Guerlain face mask). We'll see how my skin does in a week or two. :)
Once again, nice review! Keep on blogging.

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