Saturday, 15 August 2009

Guess what I've forgotten.

I am back home in beautiful Shropshire for the weekend to see friends and family. I had to drive up from work yesterday so only had half an hour on Friday morning to pack my stuff up, and originally I thought I had done pretty well packing wise (I mean I knew I had brought way too much, but that's better than too little). However, when it came to make up application today I realized I have managed to leave a vital piece of kit.

Can you work out what it is?

Brushes. I managed to leave all but one of my brushes at home. I have blush, MAC palettes, primers, lippies - everything else and more. But no brushes. Luckily I managed to bring my MAC 182 kabuki so can still manage some blush but eye make up has to be what I can apply with my fingers, today I have just swept some MAC melon pigment over my lid and added loads of mascara. I can't even do any winged eyeliner courtesy of illamasqua's sealing gel and MAC carbon. The worst part of it is I wanted to do something special with my illamasqua contest prizes as I'm off out tonight, but that looks like it will have to be delayed. Gutted.

On a lighter note I found this necklace in my room earlier

It's adorable! I can't remember where I brought it but it's one of these necklaces that goes missing for months on end and then randomly turns up out of the blue. Let's hope I don't lose it again.

So how's everyone's weekend going? Is everyone who is attending the b/s event excited? I can't wait!



Daisy said...

I'm excited but a bit nervous! Are you going in the morning or afternoon?x

Glitterish Allsorts said...

such a shame you forgot your bruhses! :(

Hope the event goes well, do let us know what you all get up to! x

hamst3rf1sh said...
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Gabriela said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend at home. Is on times like these that I always remenber those ugly applicators that came with some eye shadows and I put them on bin as fast as I can. They can be very useful ;)

Pyxiee said...

Ooh where abouts in Shropshire? I live there and I LOVE it!
Gutted about your brushes, I've recently bought loads of brushes and couldn't be without them now! x

Cat said...

@ Pyxieev - I live in Ash, it's near Whitchurch, where do you live?


ButtonSoph said...

No brushes... that is typically something that I would do. Thanks for following my blog x

Briony said...

I ALWAYS forget brushes - have got to the point where I leave a set at my parents'! xxx

Imo said...

LOL i cant believe you left your brushes! I make a list of things to pack to avoid situations like that!