Monday, 24 August 2009

R.I.P bobbi.

Me and bobbi met in Selfridges about 3 months ago. Hidden between the tinted moisturizers and dazzling shimmer bricks we found each other and needless to say it was love at first swatch. It was meant to be; bobbi's yellow tones balanced out the red in my skin, whilst his oil free formulation didn't slip off my greasy t-zone.

Of course things wern't always easy; his price tag meant my bank balance took a hammering and my rosacea was diffcult for him to cover. Then we faced a tough hurdle when I was unfaithful, being seduced by revlon coloustay. However the fling was brief; revlon was far too heavy and spf 6 wasn't enough to cover my delicate skin. I went back to bobbi. I sometimes wondered about straying again, but why ruin a good thing?

In the end we had a good time together. Bobbi never broke me out, never made me orange and lasted most of the day. However today he finally gave in, there is nothing left to pump. I have considered scraping out whats left on the inside edges, but I think thats pure desperation. It's time to let go, time to say goodbye and lay bobbi to rest.

So RIP bobbi skin foundation SPF 15. Thank you for all the good skin days you gave me.

So now I am stuck. Do I repurachse or try something new? My heart is telling me to stick to what I know and stay with my trusted bobbi brown, but my head tells me to test the water, there are plenty more fish in the sea after all.

So this is where I throw the question out to you all, what do you recommend as a foundation? What to you love and what do you hate, what makes your skin sikly smooth and dewy, and what makes you break out and look as orange as an umpa lumpa? Powder, foundation or tinted moisturizer let me know.

P.S Loved meeting the beautiful girlies at TBS. And if I met you and have yet to check out your blog then link me up (or link me if you didn't go, I love finding a gem of a blog to read!)


Glitterish Allsorts said...

such an original way to do a review! :) love it! x

Anonymous said...

Haha :)

I'm thinking stick to what you know works!! BUT... I'm currently using an amazing Lancome foundation so they might be worth a look xx

UnicornSmile said...

I need to try Bobbi!!! :))

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

one of your best posts ever! Loved it!

As for foundation, I've found my new love -- Diorskin Nude. Very pricey but I love the way it applies and covers. I would say Estee Lauder Double Wear and Chanel Prolumiere are next in line though for me.

Alice said...

loved reading this :)

Jen said...

Great review!! :-)
I love Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation. It lasts all day, (or night if you're out) and doesn't make your skin look greasy at all!!
I did a review on it a while back but I think its fab!!
x x

Cat said...

Cheers for all your comments, lol, it's made my day!

And thank you for yoru recommendations - I am hitting selfridges on Sat try do some serious testing :-)

Ellie said...

Great review, I really enjoyed reading it!
As for foundation, the only one that I find myself buying over and over again is Bare Minerals, although I know you either love it or you hate it. It doesn't make me break out either, which a lot of foundations do. Hope that helped :) xx

bubblegarm said...

stick with bobbi brown - seriously its the best brand for bases! in my opinion anyway :) x

My Beauty Musings said...

I'd say stick with what you know..I am always trying new foundations because anytime one finishes, I want to try a different one. This doesn't work too well for me as I end up wasting money on useless products.

I'd love to arrange a swap! My email is Lets set something up!


Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

repurchase it if you got on with it!! xxxx

Imo said...

LOL! I loved this post! Definitely stick o what you know girl...Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation is lovely, the price tag is kinda hefty though so maybe stick to Bobbi as he seems the faithful type ;)

Ondine said...

I'm with the others - if you've found a foundation who treats you good, doesn't annoy you and makes you beautiful, don't change it!! I've been wondering about trying Bobbi myself. I'm currently on Estee Lauder Double Wear,which I pretty much like, but there just isn't a perfect colour light enough for me. How's the colour range Chez Bobbi?

Rebecca said...

haha - great post.

the fact you took the time to do such a post i think is your answer, although done slightly jokingly, you do really love bobbi and like you said, he's treated you good. i would say for now, stick with him.

Shortiee31 said...

Ahh it was lovely meeting you - Even though I hadn't realised at first haha! :) xx