Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday Poll

I love reading these and so thought it time to do one myself!

Mood: Uneasy. Had a little bit of a breakdown earlier due to Halifax being cocks and general things getting on top of me. Thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend who ran to my rescue and have me lots of hugs!

First words out of my mouth this morning: I stubbed my toe on the coffee table, I don't think I should repeat the word here :-P

What I'm looking forward to this week: Going home on the weekend and seeing my friends and family.

One things I'd like to improve about myself: Being more organised. I have such a bad habit of putting things off and they all end up snowballing and getting on top of me, like this evening. Everything just collapsed in on itself. I need to do things as soon as they crop up, rather than leaving them to stew.

On my makeup list: Couple of the shadows from the love that look collection and lily lolo mineral foundation. I usually have a wish list as long as my arm, but I'm pretty happy with my collection right now.

What I ate: Fruit and toast for brekkie, yogurt with nuts, seeds and dried fruit for lunch, chickpea curry in pitta for tea (Can you tell I'm trying to be healthy!)

Cheeks: Illamasqua bronzer duo, I have the glint/writhe duo and I used the lighter colour which is utterly beautiful.

Lips: Body shop lip butter.

Outfit: Grey top and cari, red skirt tights and heels.

Fragrance: Vera wang - princess.

Weekly goals: Try and continue the healthy eating and staying organised.

What's on top of your Monday poll?



Daisy said...

Ouch, stubbing your toe first thing in the morning- probably the worst time for it to happen! I'm always far more intolerant in the morning!x

mizzworthy said...

Ouch re the toe! I hope your breakdown wasn't too bad - hope you feel better now xxx

Glitterish Allsorts said...

I too need to be more organised! I hope you're feeling better and that the rest of your week is smiley and sunny! x

Jen said...

Well done on the healthy eating thing, you're doing good!! I really, really need to start eating more healthy or even just drinking more water!! :-) x x

faith120604 said...

Yay for boyfriends who give hugs and make things seem better. Hope today was better for you! :)

hamst3rf1sh said...

Yay for me :)

Caramel Diva said...

I tagged you to do the " 11 things That Make You Happy Tag"

Phoebe said...

I do the same thing with MSF - I stole this off your blog yesterday too :P

Don't worry, you got a mention!