Monday, 18 January 2010

Bag envy: Mulberry Alexa.

 "Hi, I'm Alexa Chung, yeah I'm Vogue's best dressed female of 2009, a model, presenter, oh and have a lush boyfriend (did I mention he's in one of the most successful UK bands of the 21st century?). Yeah so Mulberry like totally designed a bag inspired by little old me, yeah life's pretty cool right now..."

I am so in love with this bag its unreal. I mean I like the Mulberry bayswater, it's such a classic, but this is like it's younger, more effortless cousin. It's got that used, school satchel charm about it. If that even exists.

It comes in two styles, a lepoard print (which is already sold out on the Mulberry site) and then this classic leather style - which is much more my cup of tea. There's something very old-school British about this design, it's ever so slightly Solane Square but with a cheeky school-girl kinda egde. Urg I'm so totally in love. Unfortunately it's £795, so unless I sell a kidney before it's released I don't think I will get anywhere close to owning it. But A girl can always dream.

However I can't be all doom and gloom, t'other week I did pick up this little satchel-type bag from ASOS,

Yeah ok, so it's no Mulberry, but it was £32, is big enough to hold my uni folders and has plenty of added pockets to store all my bits and bobs.

And if I had the money (and figure) heres what I'd ideally wear it with:

Tell me, what's your 'it' bag this season?



Daisy said...

I LOVE that Alexa bag so so much. Oh how I wish I was rich!

Your ASOS bag is well cute though! xx

Cat said...

@ Daisy - I wish I was too! Maybe when I gradute someone will say to me 'Hey Cat, here's a 6 figure salary just for being awesome, now go buy some designer shit!'

*Escapes to dream world...*

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty bag! I like your bag too though :) xxx

DangerouslyBeauty said...

Really nice look, but the bag itself is pretty awesome. And don't worry about figure, wear what you like!!!

Please come check my blog out and follow, I deffo will be :)x