Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Best. Shoes. Evar.

So over the last few weeks a few things have happened, I turned 21, welcomed the new decade in an alcoholic stupor, came back to uni and started stressing about my impending exams of dooooooom.

Now, like most students, I have been making the most of my procrastination. Seeing as I still can't leave the house for fear of landing flat on my arse and never getting over the humilation, I have been doing what a girl who can now remember her debit card details off by heart does; online shopping. Which has resulted in me owning, amoungst many other things, what I declare to be the most awesome shoes known to man, ladies and gents, I give you the clarks originals desert boot:

How amazing!? These are part of the clarks originals collection, the print is called 'liberty print'. There are 6 designs in total, each representing a different decade to celebrate clarks 60th anniversary. Now these RRP at around the £80 mark, but I found them at with 30% off. Unfortunately these seem to be out of stock in most places, clearly I am behind on the trend :-) but have spied them for sale on asos. I'm just saying.

As I also mentioned earlier, I turned 21 just before xmas, and fancied showing off my little bit of 'bling' that I recieved.

Why hello, Mr Jacobs. I had been lusting after this watch for ages, but couldn't seem find it anywhere in the UK, luckily Manchester's branch of House of Frasier came up trumps, and my lovely mumsie nabbed the last one in stock for me. I did try the micheal kors watches, but as I have a small wrist they just looked too chunky. Wheras this is a beautiful fit.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2009 so far, goos luck to all those with uni, a-level or GCSE's. It's giving me great strength knowing these are the final set of January exams I have to go through!


Catpad said...

wow, rally nice stuff!! :)

Catpad said...

* i ment really lol

Cat said...

@Catpad - thank you! xx

Lillian Funny Face said...

Wow, those shoes are AMAZING! :D

Cat said...

@ Lillian - arn't they just! I have a very plain wardrobe and so these jazz it up a little. Absolutely love them. xx

Alice said...

I couldn't agree more- amazing shoes!!!
&Mr Jacobs :)
Happy New Year x

Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Wowza, those shoes are fab! xo

Cat said...

@ Alice - thank you! And happy new year to yourself xx

@ Emma - cheers m'love, I totally adore them!


Ida said...

The shoes are adorable. And wow, the watch is hot! :D