Saturday, 16 January 2010

Tattoo today, tattoo tomorrow.

Tattoo inspration.

I have been thinking of getting a tattoo for a while, I know exactly what I want; a quote from William Blake's poem 'London'

The quote reads: 'The mind-forg'd manacles I hear.' (final line of second stanza).

I think I want it in Blake's style of handwriting, below is an image of one of the few slates he originally transcribed it to. I'm not sure where it would look best, I did think along my foot, but I'm now leaning towards having it along my upper body. What do you guys think?

Tell me your tattoo stories or inspiration.


Anonymous said...

No to slag tags.

Cat said...

Haha, do you mean no to tattoos in general or 'stamp tramps' as I like to call them? i.e the designs that women like to get on their lower backs, y'know the ones you see alongisde the muffin tops and tracksuit bottoms...

Blueyez said...

Heh I happen to own a "tramp stamp" and you wouldn't be the first person who's called it that lol I tend to as well. In my defense, I was youngish when I got it and I do still like the design. I happen to love tattoos in general, as long as it's something you've put some thought in to. When I can afford to spend some money on things like that I'll likely get one on my forearm that says "Like the rain this too shall pass" (line from Momma Sed by Puscifer <3) Although I do really like that picture of the birds along the arm as well :)

jobetterdays said...

I have 5 tattoos and yes one on my lower back! I hate the design of that one, got it years ago and am planning a cover up at some point!
Please don't get it on your foot, its the most painful place and because the skin replaces itself so much the ink fades and blurs so much quicker than anywhere else which means you will end up with really blurred writing!

Victoria said...

"no to slag tats" - that's very rude and unconstructive.

I say if people want a tattoo they should go for it. I'd love to get one but I'm apprehensive until I find my career path just incase having a tattoo restricts that AND because I can't decide on the right design :)

My fave photos out of the above are the rose which is beautiful, the bird leaving the cage and the white tattoo.


Bicky said...

I saw someone with lyrics along the inside arch of their foot which looked nice, it flowed really well. It wasn't too low down though so it was still actually on the foot. Quite a good place really coz it can be both hidden and on show. And I don't blame you if you're not exactly sure where I mean. :P

Nicola said...

I'm with Victoria on this. Surely it's a matter of personal taste. I wouldn't personally get one but that's only cause I'm a totaly woos! If you are passionate about something and want to reflect it visually on your body then go ahead m'dear, it won't be branded as a 'slag tag' x

Cat said...

Sorry to offent anyone by the tramp stamp remark! I think some lower back designs can look amazing, but the ones I noramlly see are hanging out of a pair of tracksuit bottoms, and it really puts me off.

@ Blueeyez - that quote is so beautiful, and clearly has meaning to you :-)

@ Jo - Yeah I worry about it fading if it were along my foot.

@ Victoria - The dsign is everything, I have been thinking about this one for a long, long time, and it has a lot of meaning to me :-) the rule of thumb when it comes to having one for myself, is that I wouldn't want it on show if I were to get married, so not on my upperback or arms.

@ Bicky - yeah I've seen some amazing foot designs, I worry that the words won't be big enough if I have it along my foot, I don't want people going 'what does it say'!

@ Nicola - thank you :-) I totally understand that they arn't everyone's cups of tea, but you are right, if you are passionate about it why not go for it!


Anonymous said...

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