Thursday, 21 January 2010

Grace under pressure.

I have exams this week. Finals. I'm pretty much screwed already considering my shitty semester and lack of motivation/laziness when it comes to revision. I have a bad case of third year blues. But nonetheless I'm giving it a final push, and shall probably be away for a week and a bit as after I finish I'm off to Dublin for a much deserved long weekend away.

As a little post exam treat to myself (not that I deserve it) I am planning on picking up a little something special. I spied this little beauty of a polish just a moment ago on Donna and Nadaz's blog, which I reccommend you go check out here now. Go do it!

Every girl needs a little chanel (granted I can only afford a nail polish) in her life.

To all those also suffering with the dreaded exam fever, I wish you good luck. If you are feeling stressed, low or pretty shit about the whole process (which I certainly am) then have a little listen to this glorious elbow track to uplift you.



donna AND navaz said...

Thanks for the linkage :) Good luck with the exams... just think, there will come a time when you NEVER HAVE TO TAKE AN EXAM EVER AGAIN! It will all be worth it...

BrionyLou said...

Ahhh Particuliere was the subject of one of my recent posts too!
I need it in my life, a tout de suite!

Good look with the exams


Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Ooh amazing colour! Love that song also :) xo