Friday, 15 January 2010

The best of...2009, duh.

Ok, ok so I'm behind on this. Can we blame exams? The weather? The last episode of Gavin and Stacey? Alright fine, I've been lazy. But I felt it would be a good idea to highlight some key products that have saved me throughout the year.

MAC nail paint in cool reserve.

This was limited edition released with the fall/winter collection. I am more than halfway through using this, which never happens with me. It's a beautiful dirty grey lavender and it just looks stunning on. The formulation is lovely, as this is my first MAC nail polish and it has tempted me to buy more. The only thing that worries me is that they won't re-lease this again for a while, cos it'll be a sad day when this is finished.

MAC unbasic white starflash shadow.

Yes, another limited edition purchase, this time from the love that look collection. I adore this shade for the inner corner, if I'm on a night out I always pop it on. This is my first and only starflash shadow, and I really do love the creamy, pigmented texture. I shall certainly be buying more when they are next released.

Bobbi brown skin foundation.

Yes, I know I talk about this stuff a lot. But seriously, it's the only foundation that I have ever repurchased (in fact I have just ordered my 3rd pot!). The coverage isn't fantastic but for everyday wear it blends beatuifully into my skin and the colour range is just fantastic, and of course in my case this is the only brand with a shade light enough to match my skintone! Hallileuigh!

 Kerastase resistance range.

A few months ago now I had a hair dye disaster. I went from blonde to brown, I had to put red in before the brown as I had bleached sections, and the result was very dark, very damaged hair. I was distraught and there was nothing the hairdresser could do except pack me off with these horrifcally expensive products, which is turn, saved my hair. I will never go back to high street hair products now, my hair is in such a wonderful condition.

Illamasqua eyeliner pencil - Sophie.

I have mixed emotions towards gel eyeliners. I have only tried MAC and sleek, but get a bit fed up with them drying out, looking cakey and being a bugger to apply. However the illamaqua pencil is one I reach to automatically when I fancy breaking out the liner. It's easy to work with, the colour is lovely and rich and it blends like a dream. Best eye liner pencil I am yet to try, hands down.

Benefit dandelion blush.

This is my fail safe blush. MAC well dressed comes a close second, but the cute packaging and lovely fresh smell seals the deal to this one. Because of my light skintone and rosacea I don't need too much in the way of blush, this isso fine and gentle I can get away with looking healthy, and not over-done.

Maybelline colassal volume mascara.

I got this at the garnier event and have since repurchased. I have been trying out the vibrating mascara thingy of late, but when that magically dissappeaed off the face of the planet I went back to colossal, and was reunited with an old friend (aww). As much as I hate the packagaing you can't deny this is a darn fine mascara, builds length, adds volume and is very nicely pigmented.

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Lillian Funny Face said...

I'm really happy to hear that the Sophie pencil is so amazing. Not only do i need a really good black pencil, but i'd rather buy that one because of the portion of profits going to charity. :)